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15 Things Designers Really Hate Hearing

Being a designer is, all-in-all, a pretty awesome career. Designers get to combine artistic visions with practical knowledge; they work on diverse projects that keep their days from becoming mundane; they get to create beautiful things and then see people interact with their creations. Not to mention, their exquisite sense of style ranks them really high on the coolest professions’ list. Yet, not all aspects of the work are rosy. Sometimes, interactions with colleagues or clients can get… well, frustrating.

Designers are in constant contact with people who don’t really know much about design work yet feel quite comfortable telling them how to do their job. Whether they are commissioned by a client to create a website or instructed by account managers to create an ad, designers are often confronted with requests, demands and statements that require nerves of steel and the patience of a Buddhist monk.

The following 15 lines are sure to get you in trouble with your designer. (Original post)

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