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2021 has proven to be a game changer in how business is being done.

2020-21 has proven to be a real game changer in how business is being done.

Small businesses are trying to get through this pandemic in any way they can. We’ve already seen massive shifts in how business is done and how businesses are marketing their products and services. This means that your website will continue to be one of the central hubs for your business.

Social media use has seen a huge surge in recent months, with more people at home, and more people spending time on their phones than ever before.

Now that a majority of business and purchases are being done online, it's imperative to understand and leverage the Customer Buying Process.

1). Problem Recognition: Identifying the problem. If your product or service offers a solution to common problems, this is where you can offer valuable information to educate the shopping customer.

2). Information Search: The first place people look for solutions is online. As they search online for information, this is where you can share facts and testimonials of what your product or service can provide.

3). Evaluation of Alternatives: Customers will compare you to the competition... educate them on how you stand out above the rest - why they should choose your product or service.

4). Purchase Decision: Even after careful research and a comparison of different products and brands the customer can still walk away... it's always a good idea to create an opportunity to use follow up emails or phone calls to remind customers how your products or services can benefit them, as not all customers have an immediate need for your product or service...yet. They may need additional time or information to make that decision.

5). Purchase: Keep our purchase process simple and uncomplicated.

6). Post Purchase Evaluation: The opportunity to fine tune your online strategy... Ask for reviews, send follow up emails or special promotions to create a positive relationship by continuing to establish your brand’s trust and increasing the likelihood of future purchases.

Your website is your #1 Asset. The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing businesses to reassess their marketing strategies as a greater portion of their sales operations has moved to a ‘contactless’ way of providing their goods and services. Now more than ever is the time to invest and/or upgrade your website and online strategy. The importance of a website as a cost-effective solution to branding, awareness, accessibility and cost-effective solutions to doing business online puts you in touch with where your customers are coming from as they search for products and services to meet their needs.

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