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Defining Your Website’s Objectives

Before thinking about content, structure or design, you need to give some thought to your website’s goals. Why do you want a new website? What’s the point? How does it fit into your business plan?

Your answers to these types of questions should be tied to company’s goals.

Why Set Site Goals?

Goals are important to have in life. They are especially important for website design, because without any goals, you have nothing to shoot for in the end and nothing to measure your success by. Goals help designers focus on the important things and not lose sight of what you want in the end; goals are what help designers deliver outstanding sites every time.

A website is a corporate resource, and like any other resource it must provide a return on investment, or some kind of conversion. Identifying goals is a critical to determine what should or shouldn’t be included on your site, having specific goals allows you to measure the effectiveness of your site after it’s completed.

Defining Site Goals

Remember that you can always start small and develop a website over time; there’s no rush. If you never identify the target, then you can’t expect to hit it.

Answer the following questions:

  • Why is it important for you to have a website?

  • Whom do you envision as your core users?

  • What do you want those users to gain by visiting your website?

  • What do you want users to do after or while they’re on your website?

  • Why will this site exist?

  • What niche is being filled?

  • Why will people visit?

  • What is my website’s purpose for the reader?

  • When someone visits your site, what action(s) would you like them to take? (prioritize primary goals)

  • What secondary functions does your website need to perform? (such as providing investor information, listing partners, etc)

  • Why will people return?

  • What am I doing to get people to go to it?

  • What am I doing to get people to stay on it for as long as possible?

  • What am I doing to collect prospect’s names?

  • What am I doing to turn those names into money?

  • What am I doing to measure what happens on my website?

  • How does your idea for a website compare with others?

  • Do you expect to make money on your website?

  • What are your objectives?

  • Do you also imagine existing customers using your site? If so, for what purpose?

  • How will you measure the success of this website?

These questions require compelling answers to have a successful website. If you don’t have a clear picture of the purpose, objectives or goals of your website, use these questions to help you find clarity.


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