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Private German Tutor Detroit


  • Over 10 years experience

  • Personalized tutoring

  • Formerly taught at:

  • Global LT &  Deutsche Schule Metro Detroit

  • Member of GPWA

Welcome to Deutsche Schule Tutoring Detroit,

I appreciate you choosing me as your personal instructor. I am a first generation American having grown up in a German speaking home and traveled extensively to Germany as a child. Initially, I learned to read and write German at the Sonnabend Schule Nolte in Warren, Michigan and later while attending Otto-Hahn Gymnasium in Göttingen, Germany. I also studied German at Western Michigan University and at the Universität Passau in Germany.


I have been teaching German and English for over 10 years to adults and children. I offer a fun and interactive approach to learning a language by using many props, games and role playing. I am fortunate to speak as a native in both English and German. This skill has always provided my students with an advantage as I truly understand how both Germans and Americans speak in their native tongues. I have worked as an instructor for Global LT and Deutsche Schule Metro Detroit. My services range from business to personal - tutoring company employees to children & adults.


Deutsche Schule Tutoring Detroit (DSTD) provides German and English language classes as a foreign language for private and corporate clients in the Metro-Detroit area; specializing in oral communication, personalized teaching; and an affordable alternative to traditional methods of learning. Please contact me to discuss your personal needs.



Monika Kitchen


GPWA Inc. is an organization dedicated to serving the business and cultural interests of German-speaking women in the United States. The association promotes business networking, the development of ideas and the exchange of information among German-speaking professional women.

Our Focus

You can overcome the challenge of learning to comfortably speak a foreign language. We know that speaking is the hardest part to accomplish and our focus is to help you overcome the fear of speaking in public and give you the confidence you need!  You will be speaking in no time! 

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