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ED Cass, Owner BellStar MEDIA, llc

With 20+ years of experience working with companies from large corporations to small businesses creating and facilitating numerous marketing communications, strategies, branding, promotions, advertising, presentations, websites, printing, and graphic design utilizing digital, internet, and print media.

Our Cause...

With a passion for design, technology, and Small Businesses, I continually strive for ways to help support the Small Business community to build, leverage, and grow their businesses. Many of my clients have been affected by the latest turns in the economy, market trends, and inflation... falling prey to the common pain points many businesses face. Addressing the problems and creating solutions is what my business was built upon from the very start over 20 years ago. 

Bluewater Businesses is focused on the local communities and the businesses that reside or service our Bluewater Area. 


The concept of creating a resource tool to aid businesses in their quest while supporting the local communities both from a business perspective and a consumer perspective was a Win/Win scenario. Offering local businesses the ability to showcase, advertise, and be found online for pennies on the dollar while offering consumers a hyperlocal resource guide where they can easily find the local products, services, community events, and more in one place that supports and focuses on the Shop Local initiative was the goal. is a hyperlocal online directory and resource guide focused on the Bluewater area and the Shop Local initiative. Working with area Chambers of Commerce and local Networking Groups to assist local communities and local businesses that serve these communities has garnered positive support for the strategic All-In-One Directory & Advertising platform that is promoted with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes research, SEO & various forms of online media and offline marketing initiatives to connect local consumers with local businesses to generate leads and sales.

If your business is interested in being a part of this local directory, please fill out our contact form to be one of the first to sign-up when we launch.

Our Goals


To utilize & leverage my services to assist local businesses and organizations during these inflationary economic times to combat the common problems they are facing.


This local Directory/Resource Guide website is perfect for local businesses offering effective and affordable advertising and online presence targeting the areas they serve. Flat monthly fee. Annual Membership discounts. It’s perfect for residents and consumers helping them find local coupons/deals, business products & services all in one hyper local community website rather than scouring the internet and various social media platforms. This houses everything local and funnels it down directly to the individual local businesses and links to their own websites, social media platforms, and contact information. 


Work with Local Chambers of Commerce and Networking Groups to assist in their organization's retention, growing membership, and offering their members an added resource to assist in growing local businesses. 

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