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All About Me

Sue Elliott, Owner - Breathe Decor Design, LLC

"Breathing New Life into Vintage Furniture"

For as far back as I can remember, I have always had a knack for creative home décor. I have always been budget-minded and I found the best way to have the nice furniture and décor was to create it myself. Over the years I have always had the support and admiration of my work from friends and family which further drove my passion to make things better than what they were for people. As my desires grew I wanted to expand by reading, learning and pushing my talents out further than I had before. Research, classes and always experimenting with the latest techniques helped to create depth and creativity in my work. My love and passion for home décor began at home when I took my newfound painting skills to my existing wood furniture - a huge Thomasville entertainment center and a buffet. From there I did my first kitchen refinishing project of my own to update the late 90's light wood cabinets creating a farmhouse look by painting the cabinets black to create a bold statement. My passion and desire to pursue this venture was in high gear. Some of the other projects I am most proud of included removing a cheap vanity in my 1846 farmhouse with the vision of a long unique vanity which would cost easily $2,000+ from a big box stores… I brainstormed using a buffet and made the appropriate holes for plumbing and adding a sink bowl – the project was outstanding and to this day I still receive rave reviews! My passion grew over the years, and with the help, encouragement and guidance of my husband his talents, skills and loving inspirations, we have transformed our country barn into a beautiful, warm and welcoming place to create and restore my one-of-a-kind furniture pieces… I call it “Our Happy Place”. Whether I am restoring old furniture into show pieces or offering my services to restore a customers kitchen cabinets or their own furniture pieces, I now have the ability to enjoy what I do full-time.

My Vision

Large furniture stores today charge top dollar for cheaply made furniture that doesn’t compare to the quality workmanship of yesteryear’s fine furniture. Old outdated, unwanted and neglected furniture has become my canvas for creativity giving me the opportunity to transform and create high-quality one-of-a-kind show pieces that are rich in history.

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