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Personalized Care For Your Pet!

Bath & Grooming Salon
Personalized, friendly and convenient care for your furry family member by me, Cindy! With over 28 years experience, you can be assured you are getting the best care for your pet... personalized service at affordable prices. Call or text me today to set up an appointment. 



Serving the Enterprise Alabama area:

Call or Text: 334-447-8307

NO-Kill Shelters

I support the Save Our Strays (S.O.S.) Animal Shelter - a no kill rescue for stray and unwanted dogs and cats. S.O.S. focuses the majority of its efforts on providing a safe home for unwanted dogs and cats; placing these animals in good homes; and seeks to educate the public about dog and cat overpopulation and the benefits of adopting.

Vets & pet services
Looking for recommendations for other quality pet services? I have worked with some great vets and pet services through the years that I am happy to reccommend.

Pet of the week!
This weeks Pet of the Week is 
Ginger and her proud owner Julie!

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