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9 Ways You Can Donate...
  • Become A Sponsor

  • Cash Donations

  • Donate Items

  • Offer Discount Supplies

  • Sponsorship Programs

  • Buy Florida TRAC Apparel

  • Become A Volunteer

  • Adopt A Horse!

  • Amazon Smile!

Donate To Help Our Cause

At Florida TRAC, we rely on donations to keep our operation going. As a non-profit organization, acquiring donations is as important as food and shelter... they both go hand in hand here.


We have the responsibility of fully boarding each and every horse. Full board means everything will be supplied. Stalls will be cleaned, the horse will be fed and watered and retrained for their second careers. Horses are turned out for exercise daily. Veterinarians, supplements and farriers are all part of the mix.


For all the horses in our care the monthly cost to feed, board and tend to each horse is $425 per horse. Some of the fees that go over and above the monthly costs are listed here.



Our online donations are made through a secure socket using PayPal, which accepts major credit cards, bank cards and personal PayPal account funds.




Per Horse

Per Horse

Per Horse


Per Horse

Consider making a reoccuring monthly donation for...





Per Horse







Per Horse


1 months Full Care

Donate Your Used Equipment

We also accept all types of horse products and equipment in good condition. Donating these needed supplies saves us funds that can be used elsewhere. Contact us by phone or by email to set up an appointment.


  • Good used tack (saddles bridles)

  • Halters 

  • Lead ropes

  • Buckets in good conditions

  • Double ended snaps

  • Clean horse grooming brushes

  • Shampoo

  • Fly Spray

  • Horse Fly Masks

  • Hoof conditioner

  • Gas Cards for our tractors

  • Feed

  • Grooming Supplies

  • First Aid Supplies

  • Sponges

  • Tools

  • Hoses

  • Horse Treats

  • Paper Towels

  • Monetary Contributions

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