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Florida TRAC FAQ's


We try to post our most frequently asked questions about Florida TRAC, our Adoption and Volunteer programs here. If you hae a question not listed on this page, please feel free to contact us for more information.

1. What is the adoption fee to adopt a horse?

The adoption fee starts at $1,000.00 and depends on the horse’s level of training.  For example, a horse that has had extensive training will have a higher adoption fee than a horse that is a pasture pal.

2. How do you determine a qualified adopter? 

A qualified adopter has sufficient funding to provide health care, feed and hay, shelter (whether on their property or through boarding), and veterinary care.

3. How do you determine an acceptable placement? 

Horses may live with your or live at a boarding facility based on the following requirements: no barbed wire, 24/7 access to clean water, feed and hay daily (no coastal hay), shelter from the sun or poor weather conditions available.


4. Do you do home site visits? 

Yes, we do!  Home site visits are critical to ensure the best placement for each and every one of our special horses.  Home site visits are conducted prior to adoption and periodically after adoption.

5. Why do you not allow horses to eat coastal hay? 

Coastal hay can cause severe intestinal issues, such as colic.  Upon being an approved adopter, you are required to legally sign that you will not feed the adopted horse coastal hay.

6. What happens if I can no longer care for the horse? 

Unforeseen circumstances in life can be terrible.  Florida TRAC horses adopted from our program have a “forever return policy” where the horse may be returned at any time if you are no longer to care for it.  Upon being an approved adopter, you are required to legally sign that you will return the horse to Florida TRAC if you are no longer able to care for it; and that you will not sell, give, trade, or breed the horse.

7. Where can I find the Adoption Application? 

The Adoption Application can be found on the Adoption page and by clicking the following link: Adoption Application

8. I would like to volunteer with Florida TRAC.  What are the first steps to volunteering?  

Our Volunteer program is detailed here on our Volunteer page. You will need to fill out the Volunteer Application and email the completed form to:

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